About Equisafe Fencing

Equisafe History

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The manufactoring of the fences was began in 1986 in Sweden. In the beginning fences were produced for small range, but in case of instantly growing orders and limited raw materials accessibility in Sweden in that time the factory was moved to Germany in the half on 90’s. In 2000 manufactoring in Sweden was resumed and it operates today for orders from all over the World. Equisafe fences for Horses today are known in all over the World and enjoy a great reputation because of their perfect quality and safety, duration and innovation. The company is now the leader in Europe with fence production for race tracks and paddocks.


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Choose the EquiSafe fence for safety and perfect design Safety since 1986 ! After 25 years product on the market, we are going to meet our customers and we are giving 6 years guaranty for the material. Our products are made of high density polyethylene, which is the best material for your fence. Since 1986 we have fences made only of HD Polyethylene. Production doesn’t make any negative impact on the environment because we practise our own recycling system. We use high quality stabilizers to impede the UV radiation. The company can offer innovation because of using newest technologies during the manfucature process. The most important and worth of your attention is our electricity system in fences. (Patent belongs to Equisafe Company – “fence conductive the electricity because of embedded spiral conductor in crossbar”) After so many years in the market we have experience, which we offer to every our customer to provide the best service. The most popular are the white and black fences, but we can produce any other colour you want. Our fences are strong and permanent, their price is very competitive. There are many more advantages of the product like design and esthetical value, easy to fix, long term guaranty or safety. During this all years contestants appear and disappear but our fences still persist!

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